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Hemp Tea

  • Model: MATE500
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The incorporation of CBD into ready herb, has been the result of a long development work and formulation. This is a product of excellent quality. The herb obtained is extremely balanced, with an outstanding flavor that lasts throughout fattening (part of the process of consuming Mate)..
The remarkable thing about this product is that besides not having the
common side effects of traditional herbs, it acts as a gastric protector and has a great variety of therapeutic properties.
There are genetics (and their seeds) that remain unaltered by the hand of man,
which are used for various other purposes. Such is the example of the hemp used to make the new Yerba Mate Cosentina.
These species of plants are of the same genus as cannabis but they are not psychoactive. They have the characteristic of maintaining
various percentages of phytocannabinoids, among them the one better known as CBD.
This product, the Yerba Mate Cosentina Cannabis 1kg, 500g or 70g from Uruguay should NOT be considered a medicine. It is a unique food supplement, the regular consumption of which will increase your general well-being.
Yerba Mate Cosentina is a traditional brand that stands out for producing a herb that responds to the highest demands of good mate drinkers. By confirming its quality, we guarantee of its noble origin and taste.

History and characteristics of Mate:
The origins of Yerba Mate go back to the native Guarani (Latin America), who used their leaves as a drink, an object of worship and a bargaining chip in their exchanges with other peoples.
Caá, in Guarani language means ¨grass¨, but it also has a meaning of ¨plant¨ and ¨jungle¨. Consumption of yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis) spread in South America during the Spanish Empire, from the area populated by the Guarani (part
of the present-day Paraguay, the Uruguayan northeast, northeast and northwest Argentina and nearby regions of Brazil) in the 16th century .
These previously dried, cut and grinded plants form yerba mate, which has a bitter taste due to the tannins of its leaves. For this reason, there are those who like to sweeten a bit the mate with sugar, honey, stevia, or non-caloric sweetener. The foam that is generated when "fattening" is due to the glycosides that the yerba mate contains.
As with tea, coffee or chocolate, it has a stimulating effect due to the caffeine it contains.
Previously, and in popular form, it was thought to have a similar energizer which was called "mateína."
In addition, it is believed to possess a diuretic effect , which is compensated by the high consumption of water when one is drinking ¨mate , thus resulting in a digestive, purifying infusion and ―as it has antioxidants― organism preservative. Like the other infusions mentioned, mate has a certain acidity, which is why
many times, other herbs are added (digestive, regulating liver function, sedatives, etc.) that manage to neutralize the acidity as well as offset the slight effect stimulant of caffeine.
Currently mate is consumed by countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Syria, Egypt, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru,
Chile and Bolivia.
This population of users increases each year. In Spain there is total of approximately 805,000 inhabitants who consume yerba mate.

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