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XES - Vaginal stimulating serum - 5ml
XES - Vaginal stimulating serum - 5ml
  • Model: XES

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Details: The XES ErgoApplicator is a biomechanically designed delivery system that hygienically, safely, and pleasurably applies the proprietary XES sensual serum precisely to the erogenous zone formed by the mucotaneous junction of the clitoris. labia minora, and labia majora.
The XES sensual serum´s balanced blend of Cannabinoids, (less then 5% CBD, CBG and others), compliments the neurochemistry associated with libido, pleasure and sensation in the human Endocannabinoid System (ECS).
​The relaxing and anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD and CBG are known to promote
orgasms and a more complete sexual satisfaction, especially in the population of women with an overly sensitive clitoral and vaginal anatomy.
The ErgoApplicator features an articulated head and tendril form, engineered with the versatility to navigate and stimulate the varying vaginal anatomy that differs greatly amongst women. The direct application of the sensual serum to the erogenous tissues, high in Cannabinoid receptors, increases bio availability and stimulation with reduced friction and aggravation of surrounding areas during sexual activity.
It has been independently tested and certified for consumer safety by The Institute of Skin and Product Evaluation (ISPE S.R.L Milan), in accordance with European Union Cosmetics Regulations.The Institute performed microbiological and other related tests on random samples of human subjects. XES sensual achieved the highest rating possible for a topical skin formulation and proved also to be a soothing hypo-irritant. 
XES sexual wellness products have no artificial ingredients or synthetic lubricants:
• no parabens 
• no silicon, propylene glycol
• no artificial flavourings, colourings,
• no artificial aromas 
• no preservatives or emulsifiers
• oral-sex safe

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